They are designed to filter pulpy food by means of special filter papers and filter plates. Plates and all other accessories are such hygienic equipment compliant with food conditions.

  • Manually Closed Paper Filter (20-100 Plates)
  • Hydraulically Closed Paper Filter (20-100 Plates)
  • Manually Discharged Kieselguhr Filter (2-20 M²)
  • Automatically Discharged Kieselguhr Filter (2-20 M²)
  • Bloomer Filter (Bag)

Olive Oil Filter

Olive oil is often filtered during the last step in its production process. The goal is to remove suspended solids and humidity, which give the oil a cloudy appearance that is less appealing to consumers. Suspended solids derived from the olive fruit, such as sugars, proteins and phospholipids may encourage hydrolysis and rancidity in the oil at later stages of storage (see Trends in Food Science & Technology 21 (2021):201). Thus, their removal by filtration may be desirable since it is known that after twelve months of storage, filtered oil mainly because of a slower rate of hydrolysis on the other hand, filtration also affects the color, sensorial and chemical attributes of the oil: fruitiness, pungency and bitterness may decrease with filtration, while rancidity defects may be more pronounced. Filtration may also compromise other positive attributes of the oil by reducing the levels of chemical constituents, such as polyphenols. There are trade offs in filtering olive oil that affect not only the product’s visual appeal, but also the intensity of its sensory attributes and potentially its shelf life. The goal of filtering should be water removal when it is present in large droplets, to avoid oil breakdown in storage.

Plate Filter Plate Filter Technical Specification
  • Plate filter designed to filter and clarify olive oil, white and red wines, sparkling wines, vinegar, cosmetics, natural essences, herbal products, sweet and dry liqueurs, etc.
  • With the strong ability to filter the impurity, which can filter the particles completely
  • Stainless steel mono pump used feeding product 1.1 kW.
  • Used plates are in plastic food grade material MOPLEN.
  • Filter have supplied with adjusting inlet and outlet valves, sight glass, air discharge & sampling points of the filtered product.
  • Main body built in stainless steel AISI 304
  • Include lockable wheel
  • Manual closing system
  • Size of plate 40x40 cm
Plaka Type Width Lenght Height
40x40x40 100cm 165cm 85cm
40x40x30 100cm 145cm 85cm
40x40x20 100cm 125cm 85cm

Kieselguhr Filtre (Toprak Filtre)

Kieselguhr is made of millions of years ago fossilized algae. Nowadays it is mined in a few places around the world, then cleaned from foreign substances and further processed. Due to its porosity and permeability this material is one of the most effective filtration materials and is used widely in kieselguhr filters in many industries. Kieselguhr is insoluble and has a neutral taste and smell.

Application; filtration, clarification, olive oil, beer, wine etc..

Kieselguhr Filter Kieselguhr Filter Technical Specification
  • Storage of earth 50 LT
  • Dosing pump 0,3 kW
  • Inlet and outlet sight glass.
  • 0,75 kW stainless steel pump for pumping product to filter.
  • Filter manually drive.
  • Should have manometer to see pressure in the system.
  • Should have mainboard to control.
  • Main body built in stainless steel AISI 304.
  • Size 109*64*110 cm
  • Capacity 1000-1250 LT/HOUR
  • Flour discharge manual
  • Adjustable dosing flow rate