EndulusKrom provides a comprehensive range of pasteurizers to meet the needs of industrial applications. Our pasteurizers are designed to provide consistent, reliable results in a range of industries, including dairy, beverage and food processing. Our pasteurizers are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to accommodate the specific requirements of your business. 

Our pasteurizers are designed to provide efficient, reliable and safe pasteurization of products, ensuring optimal product quality. Our pasteurizers use a combination of heat and cooling to destroy pathogenic microorganisms, reduce spoilage and extend product shelf life. 

Our pasteurizers are designed to meet the highest food safety standards, ensuring reliable operation and consistent product quality. Our pasteurizers are easy to operate and maintain, with intuitive controls and self-diagnostics for fast and simple troubleshooting. 

The design of our pasteurizers also ensures minimal energy consumption and maximum efficiency. We use the latest technologies to ensure our pasteurizers are energy efficient and cost effective. 

Our plate pasteurisation and sterilisation systems are designed in a manner which you can safely use in the pasteurisation processes of such products as Milk, Fruit Juice, Ice Cream Mix, Sugar Syrup, Cream, Water, Fermented Drinks, Brine, Egg, Honey, Molasses, which are designated as liquid food group.

Such basic parameters as proper temperature, correct choice of plate, optimum heat transfer area are determined for each and every product in the most accurate manner with engineering calculations made and tanks are presented to you for use at maximum efficiency.

Capacity Range: 500-30.000 L/H

Whether you are looking to upgrade an existing pasteurization system or start from scratch, EndulusKrom has the solution for you. Our experienced team of engineers can help you select the right pasteurizer for your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our pasteurizers and how they can benefit your business.