About Us

Operating in the Turkish stainless steel industry, ENDÜLÜS KROM Makina started to provide services in the manufacture of stainless steel tanks and food machinery of various features with its broad machine pool at its facilities designed to specific production in İzmir in 2006.

The company provides services in stainless steel storage and process tanks, stainless steel food and industrial machinery, fully automated key-turn food facilities automation panels and software systems as modern, hygienic and state-of-the-art technological products.

About Us

The company was established with 100% national capital, has earned the respect and confidence of its customers so far and is taking firm steps in being one of the leading companies of the industry in terms of quality. Enhancing its product range by the requirements from the industry, ENDÜLÜS KROM Makina uses the automatic robotic TIG welding system which offers high quality and efficient operating opportunities in its production. Products of ENDÜLÜS KROM Makina have become a sought-for brand thanks to their quality, varieties and confidence in the domestic and foreign markets in the present day.

The company concentrates on its R&D studies in order to manufacture its tanks and machines with high-level workmanship and provide high efficiency and visual excellence as well as ensuring that the products will be of the same quality and robustness by the methods employed during the manufacturing process

ENDÜLÜS KROM has not only sold the products manufactured by them in the domestic market but also exported them to a total of 25 countries including but not limited to Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Ukraine, Albania, United States of America, Bulgaria, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Libya, Palestine, Senegal, Jordan, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Uzbekistan and Georgia. It continues its operations through international trade air organisations and its overseas dealer network.