Olives & Olive Oil

Olive oil is a greenish or yellowish-colored vegetable oil obtained from the fruit of the olive tree (Olea europaea) as a result of a series of processes, and it can be consumed in its natural form without the need for any chemical treatment.

Olive Oil Production

The olive oil production process covers all stages from the harvest of olives to the processes applied in the olive oil production facility. Initially, the olives are crushed and transformed into a paste. Subsequently, the softened olives, treated with hot water, are pressed, separating the oil and water from the pulp. The water is then separated from the oil, resulting in the extraction of natural oil.

There are multiple types of olive oil. The olive oil types can be listed as follows:

  • Natural Extra Virgin
  • Natural First
  • Refined Olive Oil
  • Riviera Olive Oil
  • Pomace Oil
  • Refined Pomace Oil
  • Mixed Pomace Oil

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Olive and Olive Oil Production Solutions