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Turnkey Olive Oil Mill Overview

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the inner workings of a turnkey olive oil production facility. Here, we delve into the operational aspects, including the costs associated with setting up an olive oil production plant, the machinery involved, and the transformative journey of olives from the field to your table.

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The Essence of Olive Oil Production Facilities

Olive oil production is integral to crafting premium olive oil. A production factory serves as the pivotal point where olives are processed into the edible oil we all enjoy.

Contrary to the common belief that olive oil production is straightforward, it requires significant effort to transition from having ripe olives on the trees to holding a bottle of the finished product. Let’s explore the intricate olive oil production process.

Olive Oil Production Process: A Closer Look

Producing olive oil is an intricate endeavor, broken down into three primary stages: harvesting, milling, and refining.


The journey begins with the harvesting of olive trees, typically done biennially to ensure optimal fruit production and quality. The method of harvesting—whether by hand or machine—depends on the scale of the operation.


Following harvesting is the milling phase, where olives are depitted and ground into a paste known as "pomace." This paste is then pressed to extract oil, which, unless further refined through chemical treatments or heat, becomes the olive oil we use.

Refinement Process

The oil undergoes several stages from production, including separation in continuous systems without human intervention, purification through hygienic filters, and storage in stainless steel tanks. Our extensive experience allows us to package the oil using filling machines, preparing it for consumption in a seamless, turnkey operation.

Cost of Setting Up an Olive Oil Production Facility in 2023

The investment required for an olive oil production facility varies based on the chosen equipment and the necessary operational space. On average, costs range from $500,000 to $3 million, covering equipment and construction expenses. These estimates may adjust based on your project's scope, providing a general idea of the expected investment for 2023.

EndulusKrom: Your Partner in Food Production

EndulusKrom, with decades of experience in the food industry, specializes in manufacturing equipment for various food production lines, including olive oil. Our seasoned engineers are ready to guide you in selecting the optimal olive oil plant process tailored to your product. Contact us today for more details on the olive oil production plant installation process and cost considerations.

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Olive Oil Production Facility